Do I really need a Wedding Planner?

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, which means plenty of convenience and direct flights to and from. And Chiang Mai, especially in the winter, offers ideal weather for your wedding—typically sunny and cooler temperature.

Tong & Tum’s wedding in 2017 was casual, intimate, and down-to-earth.

But I don’t want a ‘fancy’ wedding ceremony.

We get it—you would prefer a ‘casual’ event with your closest friends and family, anywhere from 50 to 100 people… something lower maintenance, down-to-earth, and ‘out of the box’.

You simply don’t need all the bells and whistles.

This maintains intimacy, while taking full advantage of The Heritage House & Garden’s existing European-style design and architecture, as well as the lush backdrop of the Chiang Mai hills.

However, it is a destination wedding, and you’re planning this from abroad. This means you’re relatively in the dark about which vendors are best suited for you, whether it’s a caterer, floral specialist, or entertainer.

Not mandatory, but highly recommended for these reasons:

1. Planning a wedding can be a dedicated job.

And as a family business, we don't have a dedicated planner.

2. You’re abroad.

A local planner can help you organize local vendors and and carry out your plan while you're not here.

3. More time, less stress.

Having a dedicated person can take a huge weight off of you and your partner, leaving you with more time, and less stress.

4. There’s different types of planners.

Many organizers are expensive and you can’t justify the cost because you want a simple wedding, however it’s negotiating the cost down based on your needs. There are three types of wedding planners: full-service, a-la-cart, and day-of.

  • Full-Service organizers are there help you from start to finish, from the crafting of the vision, to coordinating activities for the guests, to the day-of operations. Basically every step of the wedding process.

  • A-la-cart organizers are more personalized, allowing couples to build their dream weddings based on their unique style and needs.

  • Day-of organizers are perfect for couples that want to handle all of the planning themselves. However, they don’t want to worry about the wedding day logistics. A Day-of coordinator makes sure everything goes just as you’ve planned. You’ve picked the date, the site, the vendors now you can choose just how much help you need to execute. This usually includes support and problem solving throughout the event day.

Our previous guests have felt that it is a reasonable expense, considering that the cost of hosting a wedding in Chiang Mai is already significantly lower than weddings in most Western countries. If you do choose to utilize a planner, we would be happy to make an introduction.

If no wedding planner, seek a ‘wedding assistant’

If you’re still not in a position to hire a wedding planner… we understand. Again, a wedding planner is not mandatory, however what we do require is a go-to “wedding assistant” on the event day to handle escalations and issues that may arise (other than yourself). This way, the bride and groom can be as carefree as possible. Well, no wedding is ‘carefree’, but at least you can limit the logistics and operational matters!

We are happy to introduce you to one of our personal contacts, Nat, a long time resident of Chiang Mai, yoga teacher by day, and our very own member of the family. She’s helped us manage various weddings and events, and can act as “wedding assistant” who could complete tasks (remember the a-la-cart?) for you locally while you’re abroad, as well as assist on the day-of setup. Some of these tasks include:

    1. Finding vendors

    2. Making local calls

    3. Helping out the day-of

    4. An overall resource to delegate tasks to

You are welcome to contact her directly by Facebook or phone at +66 088-252-3822 to see if it’s a good fit.

Setting the right expectations

As a strict ‘wedding venue’, we limit our involvement in the planning of the wedding, as we are a small family business. That’s how we’re able to lower our costs and pass down those savings to you the customer, in the form of competitive prices.

However, as a “venue only” we understand that there is a certain level of coordination and support that you will need.

It's important to set the right expectations and define exactly how we would do that. The standard way we can help with planning is:

  1. Refer you to Nat, as mentioned above.

  2. Show you our Vendors List, a network of our trusted, favorite local vendors from our years of hosting weddings in Chiang Mai.

  3. We will help with some of your wedding day setup to ensure the venue is primed and prepped, and of course coordinating with your vendors.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss the above. We’re happy to elaborate.